Choosing the right memory care program

As you go through the process of selecting a senior living community for your loved one with
Alzheimer’s or dementia, choosing the right memory care program can be overwhelming. You want to
make sure that your loved one is being taken care of by highly trained care partners, and is being treated
like family. At Loma Clara, we understand what this process is like, so we commit to giving all of our
memory care residents love and care by attending to each of their individual needs.
This is why we’re proud to implement our Generations Memory Care Program. Generations follows a
philosophy of a person-centered culture where we celebrate who are residents were and still are, without
defining them by their disease or behaviors. Our program creates a supporting environment where we
focus on our residents’ strengths and achievements, and help them live each day vibrantly.
What makes Generations different? Our community’s number one goal is to care and support each
resident daily as they go through their journey.

Loma Clara:

  • Requires our care partners to complete certified extensive initial and ongoing training to better
    support our residents living with dementia.
  • Emphasizes techniques, teachable moments and meaningful engagement.
  • Care partners do the “little things” that are so important for our residents’ well-being by
    understanding the preferences of each individual.
  • Offers signature programs to inspire your loved one.
  • Celebrates each of our residents by getting to know who they were and still are.
  • Honors the past, connects with the present and inspires the future of your loved one.

Want to learn more about our personalized care approach that understands the individual needs of each of
our residents? Call us today to schedule a tour and learn more about how Loma Clara can be the perfect
home for your loved one.