We’d love to go on about all the ways Loma Clara Senior Living can accommodate and cater to you, but the residents and families do it so much better! Read all the great things our family has to say about us below.

Iris B.



Nancy T.


It’s obvious the staff cares about the residents
"My dad has been living here for over a year now and I’m happy to say he still likes it. I’m pleased with the extra precautions in place during quarantine. It is taken very seriously, as it should be with this population, and I appreciate their efforts. It’s obvious the staff cares about the residents, which gives me great peace of mind."

Ann W.


The staff took care of my father

"My father was a resident in the memory unit from just before COVID until the end of September. He had dementia and Parkinson. The staff was wonderful. They took care of my father and connected us via Zoom when we couldn’t meet face to face. A big call out to Stephanie for always being there and over communicating. Highly recommend."

Bill and Sandy W.


I feel safe

"Everybody here working has done an excellent job. I feel good about how I have been updated about what is going on. I feel safe—if I was at home it would be much more difficult because neither me or my husband can drive and we would be exposing ourselves to the virus."

Barbara C.


The staff have felt like our friends

“During this period the staff have felt like our friends. They are trying their best to keep us all safe by using masks and taking extra precautions. It makes me feel good.”

Eliza O.


The staff make the extra effort to cheer us up

“The staff are all very caring here and they try their best to make me feel comfortable. They make the extra effort to cheer us up and they are always checking our temperatures and checking for symptoms which gives us reassurance. They have done a good job of making us aware of what is going on.”

Mary N.


I feel safer here than anywhere else

“The staff is doing the best that they can and the caregivers have been great. I feel much safer here than I would anywhere else.”

Irene K.


Loma Clara made me feel safe

“Loma Clara has made me feel safe by keeping us in and keeping others out.”

Dave D.


Food is great and the people are nice

“The whole place is devoted to our comfort and safety. Food is great and the people are nice. Culinary has been amazing. I do not feel like we are threatened here at all.”

George C.


Management and staff are wonderful

“I think that the executive director has done a tremendous job. Management and staff are wonderful. They are all kind and smiley. Whenever they come into my apartment to do anything there is always a smile and a kind word. I have no complaints.”

Justine C.


I feel less alone

“When this first happened I thought to myself—I can’t think of a place that I would rather be or feel safer in than here and that feeling has continued since the lockdown has been on. People are constantly checking up on me which makes me feel less alone.”

Norma B.


I feel so grateful to live here

“I think that Loma Clara has handled all of this very well and I don’t know how anybody could be more appreciative of the care that we have had. Especially because we are all healthy. The staff has been exceptional. I can’t imagine being home by myself. I have told so many people that I feel so grateful to live here.”

Jean S.


“I am happy about the ways that Loma Clara has worked to protect us from the outside.”

Ismini P.


Loma Clara has been doing an amazing job

“Even though I cannot believe that all this is happening, Loma Clara has been doing an amazing job.”

Alice O.


Loma Clara has taken great care of me

“Loma Clara has taken great care of me. They have done a great job of following the rules and doing what they have to do. I am happy that service has maintained the same level of quality throughout this.”

Louise M.


Service has been great

“The staff has done everything that they can to make things convenient, like bringing me all of my packages and mail. Service has been great.”

Emiko K.


The culinary team is amazing

“Everything that they have done so far has made me feel safe. The entire culinary team is amazing and have done a great job taking care of us.”

Barbara H.


Everyone has been delightful

“My experience during all of this has been perfect. Everyone has been delightful and cooperative. During this whole ordeal I have never felt unsafe, they have done a great job keeping the building secure.”

Ann B.


I feel much safer here than I would have been at home

“It appears that the people who run the place are very concerned with the health of everyone living here. They are making sure that everyone inside is protected from anyone outside. I feel much safer here than I would have been at home. I have a feeling if I was at home I would have been a bit more reckless.”

Jim B.


The Loma Clara team has stepped up to the plate

“The Loma Clara team has really stepped up to the plate. Helping in all areas that they need to. I don’t like being secluded from my friends and the other residents, but it beats having coronavirus.”

Dorothy W.


I feel safe

“This is hard on everyone and the staff has done a great job. I feel safe.”

David W.


I feel safe, loved, well cared for and glad to be where I am

“I feel safe, loved, well cared for and glad to be where I am. I have a daughter who is a caregiver in another community and they have coronavirus over there. I am happy that I am in a community where we do not have any. I’ve lived in three other communities and this is the best one that I have ever been in. We have a great team here and a very experienced director.”

Nancy T.


Loma Clara has done a great job of keeping us safe

“Loma Clara has handled the situation as well as they possibly could. They have done a great job of keeping us safe.”

Beverly S.


My kids don't have to worry about me

“The staff has thought of everything and handled the situation well. All of this was frightening at first, but I am happy that I am here and my kids don’t have to worry about me. I’m as happy as can be. Jolie has done a great job about giving us notices and keeping us updated.”

Nancy R.


The staff has done a good job

“I think it’s great that we have curtailed people from coming in. In addition to being a senior, I have other health issues that make me vulnerable so I am glad that things have been proactive. The staff in general has done a good job.”

Margaret R.


We are treated with respect

"The communication during this whole ordeal has been great. I really like the executive director and the fact that the whole team has treated the residents with respect and not like cattle. Our son—who is very particular—says that we are in the best place that we could possibly be in at the moment and I feel the same. You hear horror stories on the news and realize how great that you are being treated here."

Michelle R.


Everything feels catered to us

"Loma Clara was very preemptive. The proof is in the pudding. The fact that we do not have cases is because they took it so seriously so quickly. It shows that they are doing everything right. The executive director was always one step ahead of the Governor in keeping us safe. She has done a great job, everything feels catered to us."

Doug R.


I have no complaints

"I have no complaints. Everybody has been great and service has been great. I’m happy."

Lucille P.


The culinary team treats us like kings and queens

"Loma Clara has done everything they can to make it as easy and comfortable as possible. At first I thought it was crazy that we were shutting down so early, but now I am happy that we did. It makes sense and it is for our safety. The culinary team treats us like kings and queens—waits on us hand and foot. All of the staff has outdone themselves to make it a lot easier for us."

Henrietta P.


The staff has been great

"I feel pretty good. Especially because we do not have the virus in our community. The staff has been great during this all and I feel safe."

Audrey K.


I am perfectly happy here

"I feel fine. Culinary has done a very good job. I have no complaints. I feel safe. The whole team has done a great job during this period. I am perfectly happy here."

Alberta H.


Everything that I need has been taken care of.

"I feel like the staff has done a wonderful job and they are keeping us free from danger. Everything that I need has been taken care of. If I was living at home I would have to go to the store. It is nice that here I do not have to worry about that. It makes it more relaxing. Everything that the staff does makes it more relaxing."

Sharon H.


They are taking good care of us

"I don’t like it, but I know it’s necessary. But if I have to do it—I’d rather do it here. Culinary has done a good job delivering food. I feel safe and feel like they are taking good care of us."

Jake D.


I feel very fortunate

"I am really fortunate to be in a place that is clean and well taken care of. I also feel very fortunate that there is no reason for me to go out and test my luck. I know there are a lot of people that would give a lot to be here. The staff has all been great and supportive."

Iris B.


My loved one feels safe

"I have a loved one that is a resident here and she feels safe. The staff is doing a good job during this difficult time. I am so grateful to the staff and Executive Director for keeping them safe and notified."

Mike A.


We feel safe

"In response to your recent request for information regarding senior living during this coronavirus pandemic, I must share the experience here at Loma Clara Senior Living in Morgan Hill, CA., which houses assisted living and memory care residents.

Our Executive Director immediately began following all recommendations that came from state, county, or city health officials, regarding how to best protect us. She regularly advises us of the latest information regarding the virus and how we can all work together to protect ourselves. She sees what needs to be done before anyone else does.

IT HAS WORKED! Now after weeks of cautious care and “following the rules,” no one has been infected with the virus - not one of the residents and not one of our great staff. How thankful we are to live or work in a senior community that is so caring for our well-being. Where we feel safe!"

Jean, resident


A perfect fit for our family

Terri L.

“We moved my in-laws to Loma Clara on March 1, and we are so happy we did! The staff goes above and beyond to make all of us feel welcome. We knew the minute we walked through their doors that it was a perfect fit for our family. Loma Clara has become extended family. I have complete peace of mind and confidence knowing that my in laws are getting the best care possible.”

I’m putting my dad here
“The tour was awesome! I’m putting my dad here.”
Linda G.
Dynamic leadership and high standards
“Dynamic leadership and high standards will keep this shiny new living environment wonderful for years to come. Take a tour!”
Lee B.
Great staff and amenities
“Toured the property and it was so beautiful. Good pricing for the market.”
Tim M.

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